How Much Are Volleyball Shoes Are you looking to add volleyball shoes to your collection? And worried about the budget.

If you guys have read about me, then you would know that along with volleyball, I also know their shoes very well. So I know very well what you can expect in terms of price to buy a new shoe.

Prices for volleyball shoes range from $60 for entry-level models to $185 for the highest-quality models available.

Each shoe has a different price. Similarly, when it comes to Nike shoes, they come in the range of $200. And different brands of shoes are also available at low cost. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what you need to consider and the cost of buying volleyball shoes.

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It?

If you’ve just started playing volleyball and want to get your feet wet just by playing, having a good pair of shoes is a no-brainer.

It is better to take a normal pair of shoes and continue your practice with them. And you can even play volleyball wearing basketball shoes. But if you’re playing once or more a week, it’s okay to have a good pair of volleyball shoes or basketball shoes.

Everyone knows that the better the price of the shoes, the better the quality of the shoes, and the more fun you will be playing.

How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Usually Cost?

As I have already mentioned, every shoe has a different price. When it comes to volleyball shoes, they come in a wide variety of categories, from inexpensive to expensive.

Inexpensive volleyball shoes cost between $25 and $50 and can be worn for everyday use. But some shoes that are made only for sports cost more than normal shoes, including badminton, volleyball, squash, and handball.

How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Usually Cost

As you may know, volleyball shoes are specially designed to make jumping easier for the player. That’s why good volleyball shoes cost between $100 and $200.

How much do you care about sports?

My first question to you guys is how seriously do you take sports or volleyball. If you don’t take the game seriously and sometimes play to pass the time, then you don’t need to buy good shoes.

But if you play or practice any sport daily, you should definitely get a good pair. If you play or train daily, you should definitely buy a shoe between $160 and $100 that will improve your performance significantly.

A good volleyball player who plays on a daily basis should also take care of his joints when jumping, so a good pair of shoes will work for you.

Where do you often play on the field?

During the game of volleyball, we play in different positions in which some people are forward, and some are behind; based on this, we have divided the shoes into two parts. 

According to the findings of my investigation, liberos and setters may spend a little bit less money on volleyball shoes than hitters do.

All of the money goes into the midsole, which is why most cheap shoes have thin midsoles with little technology.

So, opposites and middle blockers tend to have fewer really good budget choices, while liberos and setters have a lot to choose from.

Price of Volleyball Shoes by Brand

For your convenience, I have researched and found different prices for different brands of volleyball shoes, which I have provided below.

BrandAverage Price
Under Armour$106
Prices of Volleyball Shoes by Brands

Different values of volleyball shoes according to budget

Considering the different values for front court and back court and considering the budget, I have prepared a list from which it will be easy for you to choose the shoe of your choice.

Back CourtLowASICS Volleyball shoeASICS
MediumCore Volleyball ShoesCore Lightweight
Front CourtLowASICS UpcourtASICS Upcourt
MediumASICS Sky EliteASICS Sky Elite
HighNike Volleyball ShoeNike Volleyball Shoe

Which volleyball shoe are the most expensive and why?

Most expensive shoe is Nike Air Force. The price of which is $202.

Nike Air Force

It is the most expensive shoe used in volleyball, which has been bought a lot this month. If you want to buy it, this is the best opportunity. There are chances of an increase in price with demand.

The reason it’s expensive is primarily because of its beauty, and it’s made with an athletic rubber sole. It will be very comfortable for him, and he will have less pain during jumping.

Do volleyball shoes make a difference?

Yes, volleyball shoes make a significant difference in a player’s performance due to their superior traction, support, cushioning, and specialized design for the sport.

Final Words

The cost of volleyball shoes can vary widely, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 or more, depending on the brand and quality.

The choice of whether to invest in expensive volleyball shoes depends on your level of commitment to the sport, playing frequency, and position on the court. Quality volleyball shoes offer enhanced performance, support, and comfort, making them a valuable asset for dedicated players.

Q1- How much do volleyball shoes typically cost?

Volleyball shoe prices vary, with budget options starting around $25 and high-end models reaching $200 or more.

Q2- Are expensive volleyball shoes worth the investment?

Expensive volleyball shoes can be worth it for dedicated players who train and play frequently, as they offer superior performance, support, and durability.

Q3- Can I use regular athletic shoes for playing volleyball?

While you can use regular athletic shoes or even basketball shoes for recreational play, dedicated volleyball shoes are designed for the sport’s specific demands and can significantly improve your performance.

Q4- Do volleyball shoes make a difference in performance?

Yes, volleyball shoes make a substantial difference in a player’s performance. They provide better traction, support, cushioning, and specialized design for the sport, enhancing agility and reducing the risk of injuries.

Q5- Why are some volleyball shoes more expensive than others?

The price of volleyball shoes can vary based on brand, design, materials, and technology used. More expensive models often offer advanced features and better construction.

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