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It is advisable to refrain from uploading photographs to the website that have embedded location data, commonly referred to as EXIF GPS. Website visitors have the capability to download and extract location data pertaining to photographs found on the website.


When a user chooses to post a comment on our website, they have the option to voluntarily save their name, email address, and website information in cookies. These features are provided for the purpose of enhancing user convenience, as they eliminate the need for users to repeatedly input their personal information when submitting subsequent comments. The durability of these cookies is expected to last for a period of one year.

Upon accessing our login page, a temporary cookie will be established in order to ascertain whether your browser is capable of accepting cookies. The cookie in question does not save any personally identifiable information and is automatically deleted upon closing the web browser.

When an individual engages in the process of editing or publishing an article, it results in the storage of an extra cookie within their web browser. The cookie in question does not include any personally identifiable information and serves solely to indicate the post ID of the article that was recently modified.

These websites have the potential to gather user data, utilize cookies, incorporate third-party tracking mechanisms, and monitor user engagement with embedded content. This monitoring extends to users who possess an account and are logged in to the respective website.

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