Olympic quotas will be at stake in the men’s volleyball Road to Paris Qualifier, hosted by Brazil, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China from September 30 to October 8. Read on to learn the most important details.

24 of the world’s best volleyball teams compete in the FIVB Road to Paris Olympic Volleyball Qualifying Tournament (OQT) for men.

Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, Japan’s Tokyo, and China’s Xi’an will host the initial tournaments from September 30 to October 8, 2023.

France, as hosts and Olympic champions from Tokyo 2020, will be among the select group of twelve teams competing for gold at Paris 2024. The best teams from each of the three divisions will advance to the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

Italy, the current global champions, will compete in Brazil, whereas Poland, the current European champions, will play in the People’s Republic of China.

global champions

Format of Olympic volleyball Tournament

The tournament’s 24 teams play each other once in a round-robin format in three pools of eight.

The top two teams in each group will earn a bid to the Paris 2024 Olympics, after playing each other once.

All Pool A matches will be played in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Teams from Pool B will compete in Tokyo, Japan, while those from Pool C will travel to Xi’an, P.R. China.

The tournament will kick off on September 30 with the opening matches in each group, and the Open Qualifying Tournaments will continue through October 8.

Since each country’s NOC has an exclusive say over who will represent them in Olympic competition, athletes can only compete in the Paris 2024 Games if they are chosen to be part of their NOC’s delegation.

Pools for the qualifier for the Road to Paris 2024

Pool ABrazil, Italy, Iran, Cuba, Ukraine, Germany, Czechia, Qatar
Pool BJapan, United States, Slovenia, Serbia, Türkiye, Tunisia, Egypt, Finland
Pool CPeople’s Republic of China, Poland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria

Schedules for the qualifiers for Paris 2024

From September 30 to October 8, 2023, all three Olympic Qualifying Tournament teams will be held.

Men’s Olympic Volleyball Tournaments Pool A Fixtures

30 SepBrazil vs Qatar10:00
30 SepItaly vs Czechia13:30
30 SepIran vs Germany17:00
30 SepCuba vs Ukraine20:30
1 OctBrazil vs Czechia10:00
1 OctItaly vs Qatar 17:00
1 OctIran vs Ukraine20:30
3 OctIran vs Qatar10:00
3 OctCuba vs Czechia13:30
3 OctItaly vs Ukraine17:00
3 OctBrazil vs Germany20:30
4 OctIran vs Czechia10:00
4 OctItaly vs Germany13:30
4 OctCuba vs Qatar17:00
4 OctBrazil vs Ukraine20:30
6 OctBrazil vs Cuba10:00
6 OctItaly vs Iran13:30
6 OctUkraine vs Qatar17:00
6 OctGermany vs Czechia20:30
7 OctBrazil vs Iran10:00
7 OctItaly vs Cuba13:30
7 OctUkraine vs Czechia17:00
7 OctGermany vs Qatar20:30
8 OctBrazil vs Italy10:00
8 OctIran vs Cuba13:30
8 OctUkraine vs Germany17:00
8 OctCzechia vs Qatar20:30
Pool A Fixture With Date, Game and Time

Pool B Fixtures

Date GameTime
30 SepSlovenia vs Tunisia10:00
30 SepSerbia vs Türkiye13:00
30 SepUnited States vs Egypt16:00
30 SepJapan vs Finland19:25
1 OctSlovenia vs Türkiye10:00
1 OctSerbia vs Tunisia13:00
1 OctUnited States vs Finland16:00
1 OctJapan vs Egypt19:25
3 OctSlovenia vs Finland10:00
3 OctSerbia vs Egypt13:00
3 OctUnited States vs Türkiye16:00
3 OctJapan vs Tunisia19:25
4 OctSlovenia vs Egypt10:00
4 OctSerbia vs Finland13:00
4 OctUnited States vs Tunisia16:00
4 OctJapan vs Türkiye19:25
6 OctTürkiye vs Finland10:00
6 OctTunisia vs Egypt13:00
6 OctUnited States vs Slovenia16:00
6 OctJapan vs Serbia19:25
7 OctTürkiye vs Egypt10:00
7 OctTunisia vs Finland13:00
7 OctUnited States vs Serbia16:00
7 OctJapan vs Slovenia19:25
8 OctEgypt vs Finland10:00
8 OctTürkiye vs Tunisia13:00
8 OctSlovenia vs Serbia16:00
8 OctJapan vs United States19:25
Pool B Fixture with Date, Game and Time

Pool C Fixture

30 SepArgentina vs Mexico10:00
30 SepNetherlands vs Canada13:00
30 SepPoland vs Belgium16:00
30 SepPeople’s Republic of China vs Bulgaria19:30
1 OctArgentina vs Canada010:00
1 OctNetherlands vs Mexico13:00
1 OctPoland vs Bulgaria16:00
1 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Belgium19:30
3 OctArgentina vs Bulgaria10:00
3 OctNetherlands vs Belgium13:00
3 OctPoland vs Canada16:00
3 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Mexico19:30
4 OctNetherlands vs Bulgaria10:00
4 OctArgentina vs Belgium13:00
4 OctPoland vs Mexico16:00
4 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Canada19:30
6 OctCanada vs Bulgaria10:00
6 OctMexico vs Belgium13:00
6 OctPoland vs Argentina16:00
6 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Netherlands19:30
7 OctCanada vs Belgium10:00
7 OctMexico vs Bulgaria13:00
7 OctPoland vs Netherlands16:00
7 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Argentina19:30
8 OctBelgium vs Bulgaria10:00
8 OctArgentina vs Netherlands13:00
8 OctCanada vs Mexico16:00
8 OctPeople’s Republic of China vs Poland19:30
Pool C Fixture With Date, Time and Game

How to watch the Men’s Olympic Volleyball Qualifying Tournaments 2023

In the USA, you can watch the action on NBC-Peacock.

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