The 37th FIVB Congress in 2021 allowed the New Volleyball Rules 2024 for the new Olympic series. Other Rules were somewhat different.

Libero can now become Team Captain

The rules of volleyball allow the Libero to serve as team Captain.

The previous rule banned the Libero from serving as captain due to the fact that he was always substituted. This argument, however, has been ignored, as a regular player captain may also be substituted.

After 6 substitutions, an Expelled player may be replaced

A competitor who has been expelled must be replaced with a legal substitution. If the team has already made six substitutions, the expelled player can be replaced with an exceptional substitution, preventing the game from ending due to an “incomplete team.”

Allowed to jump on the scorer’s table

Now, retrieving the ball by diving over the scorer’s table is approved. This action had previously been banned by the rule.

Blocks Touching at the Same Time

The simultaneous contact between the block and the opponent’s attack is no longer considered a block fault.

The Block violation will only be recorded if the ball is made contact with prior to the incoming attack.

The Court’s Colors

Now, the Front Zone and Back Zone of a volleyball court may be colored differently.

Only the playing area and the free area were required to be of distinct colors under the previous rule.

Time-outs and technical time-outs are Applied

Two 30-second time-out requests have been allowed per team for each set.

The 1-minute Technical Time-out has been eliminated. Prior to the fourth set, it would occur when the team reached the eighth and sixteenth point.

FIVB is experimenting with a 30 second time-out request for each team, per set, and a one-minute technical time-out when a team reaches the 12th point in the first through fourth sets.

Libero Jerseys for new Rules

Teams with two Liberos are allowed to use different-colored jerseys for their Liberos; thus, one team may have three different jersey colors on the court: the regular player jersey color, the 1st Libero jersey color, and the 2nd Libero jersey color.

Refereeing Team
  • the 1st referee;
  • the 2nd referee;
  • the challenge referee;
  • the reserve referee;
  • the scorer;
  • 4 line judges.

In FIVB Official World Competitions, it is necessary to have the challenge referee (if the Video Challenge System is being utilized), the reserve referee, and an assistance scorer present.

In FIVB Official World Competitions, it is mandatory to have the challenge referee (if the Video Challenge System is being utilized), the reserve referee, and an assistance scorer present.

Competitive Booth

The challenge referee will perform their responsibilities in the challenge booth, at a unique table position.

Reserve Referee for new Rules

The reserve referee recently joined the refereeing staff and is responsible for replacing the additional referee and controlling the substitution paddles.

Service Cronometer Tryout

FIBV is testing a new “service cronometer” in which the player has 15 seconds to Serve: 7 seconds to place himself or herself in the Service Zone and 8 seconds to conduct the Service.

2023-24 Volleyball Points of Emphasis

  • Using the Lineup Card Effectively
  • Coaches Zone Privileges

Final Words

The 2024 volleyball rule changes introduced by the 37th FIVB Congress include allowing the libero to be the team captain, permitting players to jump on the scorer’s table, revising block touch rules, and allowing different colors for court zones.

Time-outs and technical time-outs were adjusted, and teams can use varied libero jersey colors. The officiating team now includes the challenge referee and reserve referee. A “service cronometer” trial was introduced, and there’s emphasis on lineup cards and coach zone privileges, reflecting the sport’s evolving nature.

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