One of the best things about volleyball shoes is that they have great grip on slippery surfaces. However, the problem is that these shoes get more and more slippery after being worn a lot…

Because of this, making your shoes less slippery is one of the best things you can do to protect them and your performance (especially because of the grip).

This post gives you some simple ideas that will help you do that!

8 Tips to make volleyball shoes less slippery

1. Don’t use them outside

Gum rubber is used to make almost all current volleyball shoes. This rubber gives you the grip you need to compete well.

The fastest way to wear out gum rubber, though, is to wear your volleyball shoes outside. Volleyball shoes can only be worn on indoor hard courts.

2. Traction spray

These high-traction items come in different tastes depending on the main ingredient (check out my favorite Traction spray flavor).

One of the most-chosen words for these things is “non-slip.” They are safe because they are made of chemicals that don’t break down in water.

If you still think your shoes are slippery, wait a few minutes before putting them back on.

Spraying these things from above or from a distance should be done with care, because it will make them less effective than if they were put on the shoe directly.

3. Wipe your feet

You should make this more of a habit during games. In fact, a lot of players wipe down their shoes almost every point or during breaks to make them less slippery.

A dry towel is what you should use!

4. Get new shoes

Your soles are getting thin if the bottom of your shoes feels smooth or if the grooves between the gum rubber are gone.

This means they will have less grip and feel like they have become slippery all of a sudden…

Take into account that volleyball shoes are likely made to last about a year of heavy use.

8 Tips to make volleyball shoes less slippery

5. Hairspray

Putting hairspray on a clean towel might work. If you want your shoe’s surface to stick better, rub the towel over it.

Hairspray works so well because many of them have a liquid in them that gives hair grip. With this liquid, you can stick something to a dry surface.

Even though this idea might seem like a good one, putting hairspray on your shoes has some bad effects…

It can get pretty dirty and takes a long time to dry. Because of how the chemicals are made, the material can also make your shoes sticky and hard to walk in.

This is why I don’t suggest it unless it’s your only option, even though some people do use it.

6. Sticky Mats

For a small price, you can buy sticky mats that will get rid of the dirt and help your shoes grip better.
You keep this mat next to the court and step on it whenever you need to clean up and improve your grip.

Grip mats are great. They are big sheets of sticky material that you step on to clean the bottoms of your shoes. It’s kind of like a lint brush for your shoes.

One sheet can be used over and over, and when it gets too dirty, just throw away the top sheet. This is a good buy for a gym or team because each player can put in a small amount that will pay off big.

7. Use Water

It’s very important to take care of your shoes every day so that they stay as gripping as they should be. Warm water with soap is more than enough; you can use it to lightly scrub the sole after almost every heavy use.

This will help keep dust and other things from building up on the bottom!

Too bad that a lot of people don’t do that because they’re lazy, even though it won’t take them more than a minute.

8. Spit on the soles

I know that sounds gross, but it does work pretty well for temporarily improving your grip. Spit on the ground and rub your shoe against it when no one is looking (lol).

You should be able to hold on for up to five minutes!

3 reasons why volleyball shoes are so slippery

1. Indoor Court Quality

An indoor court with a gym floor is one reason. If dust and dirt build up on that surface, it will make it much harder to grip.

Most of the time, you’ll notice the change before there’s a problem in court. Your shoes are likely to get slippery over time.

2. Extensive Usage

As we already talked about, wearing volleyball shoes all the time can make the bottom lose its grip, making the shoes slippery. This makes the player slide around the floor more and lose their balance while they play.

In that case, and if it doesn’t cost too much, you can try to fix your volleyball shoes!

3. Using Them Outside

You should only wear shoes on the volleyball court or in the gym. This is the most important rule. Wearing them outside or on surfaces like grass, asphalt, or grit will damage them because the gum rubber on them will wear off over time.

You probably wouldn’t be able to use them on an indoor court either. That’s why we say you should only wear your volleyball shoes when you play or practice on the court.

Are cheap volleyball shoes more slippery?

While this isn’t always true, there is a link between shoes being slippery and how much they cost.

In fact, some low-cost shoes do not use good enough gum rubber. It’s clear that this would change the grip, at least after a while of using it.

Looking for cheap shoes but not sure which ones to buy? Find someone who has bought them and worn them for at least three months straight. Then, ask that person how slippery the shoes are after that long of time.

I guess his answer will help you decide what to buy!

Brands known for producing non-slippery shoes

There is regular competition between companies that make volleyball shoes. Because of this, there are now a lot of different shoes to pick from, which makes it easy to get lost.

In the volleyball world, Asics and Mizuno are two well-known brands of high-quality volleyball shoes. There are many things to think about when picking out shoes, but since we’re talking about grip today, we’ll just focus on traction.

Asics are the best for the money. These cheap sneakers have a thicker gum rubber bottom and GEL rocket cushioning in the forefoot to help with grip and weight distribution. Even though they are cheap, there is no doubt that they are worth every penny.

Mizuno is the best brand in every way, but it costs the most. Mizuno’s Fit technology joins the wave surface to the ground, which gives you grip and stability on the side. The wave surface is a cushioning and suspension system.

This makes it easy to switch between surfaces and keeps the skilled player from slipping almost all the time. There is no doubt that their shoes are on the more expensive side, but they will be strong and last a long time for hard court play.


If you follow these ten tips, your volleyball shoes will grip the court much better, giving you the confidence and support you need to do well on the court. For the best performance, make sure you pick the right shoes, take care of them regularly, and look into other items that can help with traction.

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