Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again is a sport that needs quick moves and flexibility. Because of this, your shoes are very important for keeping you stable and giving you grip on the court. Your volleyball shoes may lose their stickiness over time, which will make you less effective.

This complete guide will explain why your volleyball shoes are losing their stickiness and give you tips on how to clean, keep, and fix them so they work at their best.

How to make volleyball shoes sticky again?

To get your volleyball shoes to stick again, start by cleaning the feet really well. To get rid of any dirt or dust, use a light soap and a soft scrubbing brush. After that, give them a rinse and let them dry on their own. Do not use heat to dry the shoes because it can damage the material.

How to make volleyball shoes sticky again

Once they are dry, you can make them stickier by using a solution that you can buy at a sports shop. It should be put on in a thin layer and left to dry completely before it is used.

A sticky mat can also be used before entering the court to get rid of extra dust and help keep your grip. Remember that the best way to keep your volleyball shoes sticky and in good shape is to clean and fix them regularly.

Factors Leading to Reduced Stickiness

There are a few reasons why the grip on your volleyball shoes might wear off over time.

Dirt and Dust Accumulation: Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles build up on the shoe soles, making them less stable on the floor. This problem can be fixed by cleaning regularly.

Wear and Tear: Volleyball shoes, like all sports shoes, get worn down over time from being used a lot. Less stickiness can happen if the bottom wears down over time.

Humidity and Moisture: It’s possible for too much wetness to change the way your shoes stick, making them less sticky. It’s important to dry your shoes properly after every game.

Improper Storage: If you don’t store your shoes right, especially in damp or humid places, they can loose their stickiness. Keep them in a clean, dry place.

Incorrect Usage: When volleyball shoes are used for things other than volleyball, they may wear out faster and become less sticky. Since volleyball shoes are made to fit the moves and needs of the sport, they should only be worn on the court.

DIY Methods to Restore Stickiness

There are a few things you can do at home that are known to make the grip on your volleyball shoes better.

DIY Methods to Restore Stickiness

Hairspray: A quick spray of hairspray on the bottom of your shoes will make them stickier for a short time. Just make sure it’s dry before going on the game.

Cola Rinse: It might sound weird, but washing the bottoms of your shoes in cola can help them grip better again. Soak them for a while, then clean them and run water over them. Make sure it’s completely dry before you use it.

Sandpaper: You can make them easier to grip by roughening up the bases with fine-grit sandpaper. Don’t forget that being gentle is important. Too much sanding can hurt things.

Rubbing Alcohol: If you wipe your feet with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol, you can get rid of oils and residues that make it harder to walk. Make sure they’re totally dry before you play.

Keep in mind that these solutions are only short and might not work as well as getting professional help to improve your grip or getting new shoes that fit better. Always think about how your shoes look, and if you’re not sure, ask an expert.


You can make your volleyball shoes sticky again in a number of ways, based on what you have on hand and what is easiest for you. Any of these simple tips should help your volleyball shoes stay sticky, whether you break them in more by wearing them every day or not.

When breaking them in, don’t forget to wear a thick pair of socks. This will keep your feet relaxed and stop blisters. Finally, keep in mind that if you take good care of your volleyball shoes, they will last a lot longer and won’t need to be re-stickied for a long time.

If you remember these tips and follow these simple steps, your volleyball shoes will work even better for many games to come!

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