Choose the Perfect Volleyball Shoes Picking the right volleyball shoes is very important for doing well on the court. No matter how experienced you are as a player or how new you are, the right shoes can make a big difference in your game. This guide will go over the most important things you should think about when choosing volleyball shoes.

What To Look For in Volleyball Shoes

In order to pick the right volleyball shoes, you should pay attention to three major things: support, stability, and comfort.

What To Look For in Volleyball Shoes


To begin, the edges of the outsole should be rounded so that the ankle doesn’t get twisted when falling or side-cutting. Daniel tells them, “More you jump, the better you’ll play.” “That’s why you need to find shoes that give you explosive energy to help you jump and dynamic cushioning when you land.”


Stability is very important because of all the fast moves in different directions. So that you don’t twist your ankles when you land, you’ll need shoes that give them good support. “Keep an eye out for indoor trainers that are designed to cushion, comfort, and look good,” says Daniel.

“Every dash and turn should be stabilized. To find shoes with these features, look for ankle cuffs that are reinforced, lateral stabilization on the midsole, an EVA stabilization frame (for lateral stability and mid-foot support), soles with a 360-degree traction pattern, and edges that are rounded off.”


When choosing shoes, it’s important to make sure they have the right amount of cushioning and airflow so that players can play better.

Players will tire out too quickly because of pain if the shoes don’t have enough support, but if they have too much, the shoes will soak up too much energy. You’ll be able to keep going strong until the end of the game if the padding is just right.

Traction and Grip

In volleyball, you have to stop quickly, move laterally, and jump. To keep your balance on the floor, choose shoes with a non-slip sole. For the best grip, look for designs on the outsole that are herringbone or hexagonal.


Volleyball is a fast-paced sport that makes you sweat. Shoes with mesh uppers that let air pass through help your feet stay cool and relaxed during the game.

Which Volleyball Shoes Is Right For The Position I Play?

Middle blocker/hitters

Although they also fight a lot, middle blockers are the first line of defense against an opponent’s attacks. Daniel suggests that you think about your taste, size, and height for this job. “If you’re a bit bigger, you should get Stabil so that you stay stable and supported while you play, which will protect your knees and joints,” says Daniel.

“I think Crazyflight shoes would help your high jumps for blocking shots if you were lighter and faster.” The Crazyflight and Stabil shoes both have Boost technology, which gives your feet a lot of energy back.

Which Volleyball Shoes Is Right For The Position I Play


A setter is in charge of the team’s offense and how they score points, like a quarterback is in football and a points guard is in basketball. Daniel says that setters must always be at the net, jumping up and down a lot and moving quickly. “In this case, I would suggest Crazyflight trainers because they are light and make it easy to move quickly.”

Outside hitter

Someone who hits and stops serves from the left side of the court. Daniel says, “The outside hitters will dart around in diagonals, running and jumping all game long as both attack and defense.” “Crazyflight trainers are the best choice here because they are light and have responsive Boost cushioning.”

Opposite/Right side hitters

An opposite hitter is the most useful player on the right side of the court because they can set the ball and hit it outside. Daniel adds, “Trained by CrazyFlight would work best for them too.”


A libero plays defense at the back of the court and keeps the ball in play so that the rally can continue. As Daniel says, “a libero has to move very quickly to make passes, so I would suggest Stabil trainers to keep them safe and supported as they change direction.”

Top Volleyball Shoe Brands

Top Volleyball Shoe Brands


Before 2010, Nike stopped making volleyball shoes after a long time of making them.

The interesting thing about Nike options is that they are all made for basketball, since Nike no longer makes shoes for volleyball.

Volleyball players benefit from shoes that support the ankle and allow for lateral movement. This lets them make dynamic moves without worrying about getting hurt, and they usually have good cushioning to keep players from getting tired while they play.

People often expect Nike sneakers to last a long time, be comfy, and be made of high-quality materials that can stand up to the wear and tear of competition. Even though that’s a good thing, it’s also one of the main reasons why these volleyball shoes cost so much.


Adidas volleyball shoes are made to be as comfortable and effective as possible, so you can always put your best foot forward.

With lightweight materials and a supportive fit, you’ll have the rock-solid strength to charge through any challenge on the court.

All of the USA Volleyball national teams now wear Adidas shoes when they play.


When they block, hit, or serve, these ASICS kid volleyball shoes will keep them steady and sure of themselves.

The base is made of gripping rubber that works well on slippery gym floors so you can jump, twist, and move around without any problems. The GEL technology from ASICS is good for volleyball players because it offers stable and long-lasting comfort.

Volleyball shoes with ASICS FlyteFoam technology have cushioning that is both bendable and light.


Mizuno is a brand of volleyball gear made with male volleyball players in mind. It has been a favorite among volleyball players since it came out in 1992.

A lot of volleyball players and fans have said nice things about Mizuno’s gear. People have thought of Mizuno as the best volleyball brand for more than twenty years.

Mizuno Wave technology lessens the force and stress on the feet when playing volleyball. To keep players from getting hurt, volleyball shoes need to have the right amount of support and padding.

The Mizuno wave plate in the shoes spreads the force of impact over a large area, making the shoes very comfortable to wear.


A lot of thought should go into picking out the right volleyball shoes. Think about what the game requires, how you like to play, and the new features that top names offer. Buying good shoes not only helps you play better, but it also makes sure that you can keep playing for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes volleyball shoes different from regular athletic shoes?

For the best grip on indoor grounds, volleyball shoes are made with features like gum rubber soles. They also offer better side support to suit the sport’s fast movements.

How often should I replace my volleyball shoes?

Depending on how often you play volleyball, you should get new shoes every 6 to 12 months. The cushioning and support can wear down over time, which can hurt effectiveness and make injuries more likely.

Are there specific shoes for indoor and outdoor volleyball?

Yes, volleyball shoes for inside and outside are different. When it comes to fields that are smooth, indoor shoes are made to grip and keep you stable, while outdoor shoes are made to last on rougher surfaces.

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