The volleyball team from Chaparral High School selects a neighborhood charity each year to support through a fundraiser. They choose a cause that is near to them this year.

Tuesday’s volleyball battle was won by Chaparral, who likewise raised almost $3,000 for the school’s SSN program.

Every year, the volleyball team at Chaparral choose a charity to help. And this year, we made the decision to assist Chaparral High School’s special needs program. The kid who works with them every day is one of ours, according to head coach Amanda West.

Kai Kofoed-Cooke, a junior, has personal knowledge of the department.

“I go in almost every day during the week during their school day and I help the SSN (Significant Support Needs) kids learn,” I say. I assist them with their academic tasks. I assist them in a limited way with life skills. Kofoed-Cooke stated, “I choose to work with the SSN kids because it actually makes me happier.

The school organized events to raise funds for the program, culminating in a volleyball game, inspired by fellow athlete Brody.

Brody, a student in the Significant Support Needs (SSN) program, participates in Wiffleball through Unified Sports, a program where students with disabilities play alongside volunteer partners.

Brody, a passionate athlete and friend, is enrolled in the Unified and SSN program at Chaparral. His epilepsy has limited his ability to participate in recreational sports, but the program allows him to continue his love for sports.

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